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Something wonderful about Mrs Lang

Mrs Lang makes every one laugh in the class also she gives us treats and lets us wacth a film.Also she is a very funny teacher , and she is happy sometimes to treat us.

   earth to echo movie wide Box Office Democracy: Earth to Echo


Saturday (20th June)

On Saturday (20th June) I went to the Metrodome  for Joshua Perry’s party with Louise, Millie, Kian, Lewis Robson, Kady and Elliot F.B. When we got in Louise, Millie, Kian, Kady and I went into the big pool and started jumping in. Unfortunately Kian nearly drowned because he jumped in and tried to swim back up however he couldn’t, luckily Lewis saved him by putting his hand out and pulling him quickly to the surface. Later on we all went on the blue, wavy slide altogether, and about five minutes later me and the girls went on together because the boys had gone on the other slides.

Enterprise week !

On the 19th of June, Joseph Locke Primary School held their annual Summer Fair. Our class,5EC made £134 by selling candles in different shapes, colours and scents as well as this we sold activity books including word searches, code beakers and even more.  As well as that we made a Guess the weight of the jar of sweets and finally we had a basket ball shoot out. Every one had a great time even the sun came out.



As this is the last week for blogging club, I would like to know which topic or activities have you enjoyed the most over the past year? My favourite was The Victorians because we visited  The National Coal Mining Museum and held a Victorian day in school  where we all dressed for the occasion, even Mr Jones! I can’t wait to hear your favourites.

The Cars 2 story part 4

Hi Sally hi McQueen ready to race okay let’s go and race woohoo I can not believe I’m driving backwards.

Five Nights At Freddy’s bite of 1987

There is a thing where this kid died because of one the animatronics  biting him and he died.


On five nights at Freddy’s 2 there is a character called mangle.

Many theories explained who did the bite 1987 mangle did the bite.

So I will be explaining why I also think it is mangle

Ok all the other characters don’t have a long mouth so they cannot bite the brain. Only Foxy and Mangle have a long mouth although Foxy’s  jaw is broke which means he carn’t bite the brain. This means that its mangle her mouth and jaw is all right and fixed so she can get her jaw around the head of a Childs head.


Enterprise week

This week for Joseph Locke primary school is ENTERPRISE WEEK !!!!!! Which  means that there is no work for the whole week YAY!!!!!  In 5EC we are making scented candles in different shapes and colours ,such as heart ,circles ,flowers and star shapes. We also do scents in the candles like vanilla and peppermint the colours we have are green and turquoise.

30p per candle or for a special offer 4 for £1.00














beaded bracelets-50p                                


                     Bag charms-50p

Freindship bracelets-50p

loom band bracelets-50p